Seeing how our actions work.

In this section, we are going to see how the actions we implemented in the previous section work. To do so, let’s go to the all events page, and click on a record. You should see the read-only view but this time the header has a new button called Actions, click on it and you should be able to see both actions. Remember that you will only see them if the status of the event is Active. Click on Cancel Event. A confirmation popup should appear. Click on Cancel Event.

Cancel event action

Once the action has finished the status of the event should be Cancel and the actions should not appear. Something like this:

Event cancelled

Now let’s go to another active event to execute the other action. In the read-only view of the other event, click on Actions, and then on End Event.

End event action

The confirm popup will be shown, click on End Event. When the action finishes the status of the event should be Done. Something like this:

Event ended

That is it! We have finished this small tutorial. The idea of this tutorial was to guide you with your first steps with Slingr. If you want, there is an extra section where we do a small improvement to our app. Hope you join me in the next section: Small improvement (Optional).

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