Testing actions on runtime

Summary: Testing actions previously implemented.

In this section, we will examine the functionality of the actions we implemented in the previous section.

Discover the actions

As you can observe in the grid view, a new column called “Actions” has been added. You can execute these actions from the “Actions” column or from the following locations:

From “All tasks” view actions column

Actions Column

From “All tasks” view main menu

All tasks main menu actions

From task record view main menu

Task record main menu actions

Great! Our actions are now running. Please verify that the preconditions are working as expected. Additionally, ensure that in the edit view, the status cannot be changed. If you encounter any issues, refer back to the previous section to see if there is something you might have missed.

That’s it for this section. In the next one, we will create a new type of view that complements our current implementation. For more information, proceed to the next section: Creating a workflow view.