Here, you will find information on how to extend functionalities of your application through the use of packages.

What are packages?

A package is the way in which you, as a developer, can interact with external services or add functionality using the platform’s language. It is a valuable tool that allows you to encapsulate your code, providing the ability to extend functionalities and maintain complete control over its implementation.

In the context of Slingr, a wide range of official packages is presented, designed to facilitate and enrich the development experience. These packages offer developers the ability to efficiently interact with external APIs and perform specific tasks, such as authentication through OAuth2. In addition to the official packages, the platform encourages the creation and sharing of custom packages, enabling the community to benefit from specific solutions and collaborate in the growth of the development ecosystem.

By utilizing these packages, developers can expedite the development process, enhance efficiency, and build robust applications that leverage Slingr’s capabilities. Whether integrating external services, adding new features, or sharing solutions with the community, packages become a key component in making the most of the versatility of the Slingr platform.