Detailed description of how the proxy endpoint works and its configuration.


This endpoint proxies an endpoint running in your local box with your app in the Slingr platform. It is meant for development of endpoints. See Create your own endpoint for more information.


Endpoint URI

The endpoint URI is where the external service and Slingr find your local endpoint. This must be a public URL (so you might need to configure port forwarding in your router) and points to your TCP port specified by _webservices_port (TCP 10000 by default) or more convenient, use ngrok which will open a secure tunnel to your localhost.

Endpoint token

This is a token that will be used to verify messages coming from and to the proxy endpoint are valid. We suggest the auto-generated token, but you can change it if you want.

This token will be in your local endpoint configuration (see below).


This is the basic configuration you should use in your local endpoint. Check the SDK you are using to know where this has to be copied.

Javascript API

The Javascript API will be defined by your endpoint’s functions and scripts. Please see Endpoint features to understand what can be done.


Events will be defined in your endpoint’s configuration file. Please see Endpoint features for more information.

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