This type of widget represents a Menu block that can be useful for grouping actions to execute.


The available settings are described as below:


This is the internal widget name, used as for database storage within entities.

The name must not contain special characters or spaces; only letters and numbers are allowed.


This defines the positioning of the menu.

  • Left
  • Center
  • Menu


Indicates the visibility of the widget, can be configured with the following options:

  • Always: The widget is perpetually accessible.

  • Script: When the script returns true, the widget becomes accessible; otherwise, it remains inaccessible. Here’s the script’s context:

    NameTypeDescription record is linked to the ongoing operation.

    boolean - You should return true if there is access to the widget, false otherwise.

    // if 'numberOfExmployees' is bigger than 10, then this field is visible
    return record.field('numberOfEmployees').val() > 10;

  • Expression: The widget becomes accessible if the expression evaluates to true. More information is available in the Expressions documentation.

  • Never: The widget will never be accessible.

This options enables to set entity related actions to the alert. The available settings are:

  • All: Includes all the actions present in the entity.
  • Custom: Custom set of actions and groups defined by the developer.
  • None: No actions will be shown.