This type of widget represents a Header block that can be useful for sectioning or defining dividers. Can be configured along with actions.


The available settings are described as below:


This represents the human-readable widget name. It’s what appears in the UI when the header is displayed.


This is the internal widget name, used as for database storage within entities.

The name must not contain special characters or spaces; only letters and numbers are allowed.


Indicates the visibility of the widget, can be configured with the following options:

  • Always: The widget is perpetually accessible.

  • Script: When the script returns true, the widget becomes accessible; otherwise, it remains inaccessible. Here’s the script’s context:

    recordsys.data.RecordThis record is linked to the ongoing operation.

    boolean - You should return true if there is access to the widget, false otherwise.

    // if 'numberOfExmployees' is bigger than 10, then this field is visible
    return record.field('numberOfEmployees').val() > 10;

  • Expression: The widget becomes accessible if the expression evaluates to true. More information is available in the Expressions documentation.

  • Never: The widget will never be accessible.


  • Filled background: Uses a background.
  • Line divider: Uses a bottom line divider.

This options enables to set entity related actions to the header. The available settings are:

  • All: Includes all the actions present in the entity.
  • Custom: Custom set of actions and groups defined by the developer.
  • None: No actions will be shown.