External tools

Tips when use external tools.


LastPass is a secure password manager designed to store encrypted passwords online. It offers a web interface and plugins for various web browsers, as well as mobile apps for smartphones.

👉 Sometimes, external factors can impact the performance of your application. Here are some tips to consider:

If you’re using the LastPass extension on Chrome and notice performance issues, you can try the following steps:

  1. Adjust Site Settings: Access the LastPass plugin in the upper right corner, then click the edit pen icon for your site. Go to the advanced settings tab and disable the autofill feature. Save the changes and refresh the page.

  2. Modify Extension Options: Right-click the LastPass extension icon and select “Options.” Navigate to the notifications tab and uncheck “Show autofill icon in fields” and “Show notifications via browser toolbar icon.” Save the changes and restart your browser.

  3. Temporarily Disable Extension: If the performance problems persist, consider disabling the LastPass extension. In Chrome, click “More tools,” then “Extensions.” Deactivate the LastPass extension.

By implementing these steps, you may be able to enhance the performance of your application when using the LastPass extension.