App resources

Describes the app resources panel.

On the left side of the app builder, you’ll discover a panel housing the navigation tree. This tree serves as the primary means of navigating through all your app’s metadata. It consists of nodes, folders, and sub-nodes that represent the various resources within your app.

Quickly expand or collapse the left panel with app resources using the keyboard shortcut Alt + Left Arrow.

Interacting with the navigation tree

With the exception of root nodes, clicking on any node in the tree will display a view in the builder’s central panel. This view contains the details and properties associated with that specific resource. Whenever you create a new resource from the central panel or update/delete an existing one, the navigation tree will automatically create, update, or delete corresponding nodes.

⚠️ Keep in mind that certain resources cannot be deleted.

Basic structure

The navigation tree boasts five root nodes that serve as containers for all other resources:

Each of these nodes is comprehensively explained in a dedicated section of this documentation.