Metadata history

Describes how to review the changes made to a specific metadata resource

Metadata changes

Review changes

To review the changes made to a specific metadata resource, follow these steps:

👉 Navigate to the particular resource through the navigation tree or employ the navigate metadata feature.

👉 Once the view of the resource is open in the central panel, you will spot a tools button in the header. Click on this button to reveal two potential actions: show history and find usages.

👉 Select the show history option. This will open a history view in the central panel displaying the chronological record of changes associated with that specific resource.

History view

The history view comprises two primary sections:

  • Top Section: A table at the top that lists all the various changes made to the resource, organized by timestamp. Additional information such as the user, change type, and path of the metadata are also displayed. Clicking on any of these entries will unveil another table in the bottom section.
  • Bottom Section (1st Tab): In this section, you can peruse a comprehensive list of every property altered during the selected timestamp.
  • Bottom Section (2nd Tab): Switching to this tab, you can inspect an in-depth list of properties that have undergone automatic changes during the timestamp. These alterations are the outcome of platform-applied refactoring rules. For instance, creating a new field in an entity with existing record views will result in an automatic creation of the new field in those record views.