Data events

Describes how to define data events.

You can define multiple rules. If at least one rule matches the event, the event will be considered matched.

All rules are applied to a single entity, indicated in the Entity field.

Each rule includes the following settings:

Event Types

This represents the type of event the rule will match. Possible values include:

  • On Record Created: Triggered when a record is created.
  • On Record Changed: Triggered when a record is updated. Keep in mind that a record can be updated by various means, such as through the UI, an external app via the REST API, a background script, etc. Be cautious, as any change to the record triggers this event.
  • On Record Deleted: Triggered when a record is deleted.
  • On Action Performed: Triggered when an action is executed on a record.
  • On Condition Met: Triggered when a record is changed in a way that satisfies the specified condition (see below), and this condition wasn’t met before the record update. For instance, if the condition is that the type field must be a, when a record is updated and the type field changes from a different value to a, the event will be matched. However, if the record already had a in the type field, and it’s updated without changing the value, the event won’t be matched because the condition was already met in the previous version of the record.


In addition to the event, you can define a set of conditions that must be met for the event to match. Options include:

  • None: No conditions, so as long as the event is triggered, the rule will match.
  • Expression: Define an expression that must evaluate to true for the event to match. For more information, refer to the Expressions Documentation.
  • Script: Provide a script that must evaluate to true for the event to match. Please replace the corresponding sections in your documentation with this corrected version. This is the context:
NameTypeDescription is the current record affected by the event. the event is of type On record change, On action performed or On condition met, this variable will hold the version of the record before the event happened.

boolean - Return true to execute the action, and false otherwise.

// only match the event if the field 'type' was modifed
return record.field('type').val() != oldRecord.field('type').val();


If the Event is set to On Action Performed, you can select a list of actions that can be matched.

Please note that only actions of type One Record can be chosen. Actions of type Many Records are not tied to any specific record and therefore cannot be used in this context.