Description of the flow designer's validation rules

There are some rules that must be followed to successfully save a flow. If one of these rules are not followed after pressing the Apply or Save button, you will get a validation error notification and changes won’t be saved.

Validation rules:

  • The flow name must be unique in the app.
  • Each step name must be unique in the flow.
  • Start step and at least one End step are mandatory.
  • Start step should be unique.
  • Inputs need to pass their own validation rules.
  • Outputs need to pass their own validation rules.
  • There can not be steps without any connection except for the Context step and expanded version of subflows.
  • Outside of group containers: every step except for Start and End steps should be source and target of at least one connection.
  • Inside of group containers: there can only be one step that is no target of a connection. This will be the initial step in the flow execution within the group.
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