Describes how to use the code editor component

The code editor component is a text editor specialized for editing code It provides some features like:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocompletion
  • Find
  • Refactor of variables
  • Display docs
  • Jump to definition



To enable autocompletion feature you need to press Ctrl-Space. For Mac users hotkey is: Ctrl + Shift + Space for Mac users. Then you will able to autocomplete:

  • Namespaces and methods that belongs to Javascript API. Please refer to Javascript API to see available services.
  • Namespaces, methods and constants exposed in Libraries.
  • Namespaces and methods exposed in endpoints components.

To navigate app libraries symbols you need to move cursor over desired method or constant and press Ctrl-J. It will jump to the definition of the method or constant in the app library. To open symbol in a new tab you need to press Ctrl-L. If you press Ctrl-J or Ctrl-L staying over a Javascript API symbol it will open a new tab with related documentation.

Display docs

To display summary docs for one specific symbol you need to move cursor it and press Ctrl-I. To access detailed documentation of a symbol that belongs to Javascript API you can press Ctrl-J or Ctrl-L. It will open a new tab in the browser

Shortcuts summary

  • Ctrl-Space: enable autocompletion feature.
  • Ctrl-J: jumps to specific library or go to Javascipt API docs.
  • Ctrl-L: jumps to specific library in a new browser tab or go to Javascipt API docs.
  • Ctrl-I: displays summary docs for one specific symbol.
  • Ctrl-Q: renames a specific symbol.
  • Ctrl-.: selects a specific symbol.
  • Ctrl-/: tries to uncomment the current selection, and if that fails, line-comments it.
  • Ctrl-Alt-F: enables/disables full screen mode.
  • Esc: cleans up selection. Disables full screen mode.
  • Ctrl-Z: undo the last change.
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