Describes the app explorer panel

General description

On the right side of the app builder you will find a panel with the App Explorer. When expanded, you will see a view with four tabs:

  • Structure (default selection)
  • Find
  • Usages
  • Help


When this tab is active, you will see an interactive tree very similar to the navigation tree on the left panel. This is the explorer tree, and it’s a cutted down version of the navigation tree. Root nodes here are mostly the nodes inside the Model node of the navigation tree with the addition to a User Interface node. You can use this tree to have a cleaner look at how the metadata in your app is structured. Clicking on the inner nodes of the exploration tree will render on the bottom section a table with some basic information and settings about that particular node.


When this tab is active, you will see a search box right below the tabs. You can use this input box to search text inside the metadata on your app. The search will look for name, label or text inside scripts of entities, fields, actions, listeners, views, libraries, and endpoints. After performing a search, a list with all the matches results will be displayed with a very easily understandable path. Clicking on any item will redirect you to the view of that particular resource.


in order to use this tab, you have to press the find usages action from the central panel header and it will display a list of all the different places where the current resource has been used. Clicking on any of those items will redirect you to the resource where the current resource it’s being used.


When this tab is active, you will see an embedded view with the section of the documentation related to the resource selected in the navigation tree. The section shown will change automatically whenever you change the resource selected in the central panel.

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