Describes how to revise changes in metadata.

General description

You can see all the changes that has been made to a particular metadata resource. In order to see them, you should first navigate to that particular resource from the navigation tree or using the navigate metadata feature. Once the view of that resource is open in the central panel, you should see a tools button in the header. Clicking on this button will show two possible actions: show history and find usages. Clicking on the first one will open in the central panel the history of changes of that particular resource.

History View

The history view has two main section. On the top, you will see a table listing all the different changes made to that resource grouped by timestamp. The table also display some additional information such as the user, the change type and the path of that metadata. Clicking on one of those items will render another table in the bottom section where you can see a detailed list of every property that changed in that timestamp. Additionally, on a second tab of the bottom section you can see a detailed list of every property that has automtically changed in that timestamp. Those changes are result of some refactoring rules that the platform applies for each metadata. For instance, if you create a new field in an entity that already has record views , you will see that in the automatic changes the new field has been automatically created in those record views.

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