Describes how global settings for types work.

In the app builder, in the section App > Types, it is possible to have predefined type rules and display options. This is useful when you want to share the same configuration across several fields in the app but manage it centrally in one place.

By default, when a new app is created, default display options are created for all types. This way when you create a new field, by default type display options for that field will be configured to reference the type default display options. This allows to later change all fields’ display options in one place.

For example let’s suppose that you have many fields of type date in your app. Now you want to show the date in a different format. If all your date fields’ display options are referencing the global defaults, you just need to change the format in one place instead of having to go field by field changing it.

Notice that for type rules there aren’t default rules created by default as usually it isn’t desirable to share rules across all fields in the app.

See configuration of type rules and display options inside fields to see how you can reference predefined configurations created here.

If you delete a predefined configuration that was in used by other fields, the configuration for those fields will be changed to Custom and the settings will remain as they were for those fields, but they won’t be linked any longer.

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